KIPM School of Entrepreneurship


Kenya School of Entrepreneurship (KSE) aims to become the leading entrepreneurship and small business training programme in Africa. The objective of this course is to develop and promote entrepreneurial sills, techniques and tools for the benefit of new and old businesses. It strives to promote entrepreneurial culture, education and networks in society. The program also carries out research, consultancy for new ventures. SE uses creative methodologies and trains educators, trainers and community-based organisations to improve sustainability and create wealth in Africa.

Technology Transfer Programme

KCE program is concerned with identification and development of innovative technology-based idea for the business world. The mandate of this program is to help entrepreneurs develop and understand industrialization, social and economic development and building individual capacity.

The functions of this program include:

•    Innovative idea generation
•    Technology Development
•    Intellectual Property Protection through patenting, Trade Marks and
•    Copyrights.
•    Commercializing of viable innovative ideas
•    Technology transfer to industry and community
•    Provide technology development, dissemination and technology transfer


 Outcomes of the program include:

•    Brainstorm business ideas
•    Write a business plan
•    Pitch a business plan to potential investors
•    Get to know how to obtain funding
•    Launch own businesses or a social movement

Why Study at KSE ?

This program offers you the chance to:

•    Develop the skills necessary to launch own business or social movement
•    Learn about real businesses - why they succeed or fail.
•    Hear from local entrepreneurs.
•    Launch your own business!
•    Become more confident in your ideas and your abilities.
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