School of Community Development & Social Work


KIPM programmes can help students build capacity on their roadmap towards a successful career in community development, project and business management, economics, research, leadership, and social development studies.Many organizations need personnel with solid social studies competence.

Individuals who possess the skills, knowledge, and experiences required to successfully manage projects will increasingly be in high demand in this growing professional field. Certification is highly regarded in part because it improves one's capability to deliver better, faster, and less expensive services and products.

The courses’ objective is to equip students with knowledge and skills in Business planning and Management and enable them to be able to involve the communities in the whole process of business implementation.

School of Community Development & Social Work: Diplomas/Certificates

This course is tailored to equip the trainee with knowledge, skills and attitudes that should enable him/her to professionally indulge in various intervention areas in order to enhance the coping mechanism of the community members.

KIPM is currently based at Utumishi House, 5th floor, Mamlaka Road, Off Nyerere Road, Nairobi Kenya. All our programmes lead to local and international recognised qualifications.

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