School of Information & Technology


KIPM Institute continues to equip students with practical skills in Information Technology and Computing using modern, efficient and competitive software & hardware facilities. Students pursuing a career in Information Technology become fully prepared with essential knowledge to fit in the IT Industry. The course provides skills to those who wish to qualify to be self sufficient or work in IT Management field(s).

After successful completion of the course, the students attain career opportunities as Software Engineers, Website Developers, Website Managers, Systems Analysts, Programmers, IT Technicians, Support Staff, etc. The target group includes K.C.S.E. holders, University graduates and those already in employment. Both regular (day) and evening programmes are available.

KIPM continues to excel and provide best courses that make our graduands better placed in the ever competitive job market. This course provides professional qualifications that prepares one in a career in Information Technology.

School of Information Technology: Diplomas/Certificates

KIPM is currently based at Utumishi House, 5th floor, Mamlaka Road, Off Nyerere Road, Nairobi Kenya. All our programmes lead to local and international recognised qualifications.

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