School of Tourism & Hospitality


The KiPM Institute programme extends the knowledge obtained at Tourism & Hospitality on providing students with the additional knowledge, skills and techniques required for the efficient management of hotel & catering operations.

This designed to provide participants with the knowledge they will require in order to:
a) Analyse tourism development proposals
b) Produce viable and sustainable tourism policies and strategies.

Tourism and Travel is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. KIPM, on realization of this rapid rise in the demand for Tourism & Travel, provides a program to meet the needs of those who wish to work for Travel Shops, Tourists Information Centers, Airports, Care Hire Operators, Tour Guides, Tour Directors and other related commercial operators. The program provides skills that make students executive employees in tourism and travel industry.

School of Tourism & Hospitality: Diplomas/Certificates

KIPM is currently based at Utumishi House, 5th floor, Mamlaka Road, Off Nyerere Road, Nairobi Kenya. All our programmes lead to local and international recognised qualifications.




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