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Projects In - Updates in Real Time

We offer the recent and main developments of all the ongoing projects in Africa on real-time basis. Our effort is to tap on primary, secondary, online & offline sources to make updated database available to all our subscribers.


 Tenders, Orders & Contracts

All the projects are listed under relevant categories such as tenders, orders and contracts. Subscribers can filter their search option and get information of their interest, floated by government and private agencies. We also bring information on post-tendering activities, including contracts awarded to Architects, Consultants and Contractors, at their fingertips.

  Analytical Reports

We do not just share information on trends but update subscribers with periodical reviews. We cover the project investment arena in major sectors such as Cement, Refineries, Steel, Power, etc. Our published analytical reports are banked upon by government institutions, private agencies and the media.

 Newsletters & Alert Services

We publish daily newsletter that sums up all the latest and important developments in the African projects fraternity for our viewers. All the subscribers will regularly get email alerts on newly added projects and fresh tenders listed on the website.

Events and Conferences

Projects in Africa considers it important to participate in conferences and events held for various sectors, including Manufacturing, Power and Construction. We also list these events on our site for subscribers’ use.

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